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Zoe in Yellow
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13.1 Zoe in YellowWelcome to Zoe in Yellow, Chiang Mai bar and club and one of our great city’s most unique venues!  Not only do we serve up steady beats and potent drinks late into the night, but we’re also the only place in Chiang Mai Center that boasts a garden chill-out area and an action-packed club all in one spot!

Zoe in Yellow Bar, catering to Chiang Mai’s diverse subcultures of party-goers, is a favorite among Thais, expats, and tourists alike! To serve up the best of all worlds, our two stylish bars offer lounge seating, dancing, DJ’s, and a garden area with a live band!

Check out all of our venues—one next to another—to see which atmosphere best suits your current mood!

Zoe Club

Jump into a true club 9.1 300x200 Zoe in Yellowexperience in the heart of Chiang Mai Center.

Zoe is the height of Chiang Mai nightlife and one of the hippest spots in town at the moment.  Get out on the dance floor to let off some steam, where DJ’s play hip hop, commercial dance, electronic, house, and techno! Or step across the brick to sit down in Zoe Garden, where you can sip wine and watch the action with a mellower live band providing the background music instead.

An exotic international scene popular to locals Thais and tourists alike, our DJs play non-stop music to keep you moving!

Zoe Garden

3.1 300x200 Zoe in YellowAn oasis from sometimes-chaotic Chiang Mai, our garden bar provides a relaxing spot to enjoy some conversation with new friends or do some good old-fashioned people-watching.  Order up some food from our restaurant and kick back to great local bands.

Our top shelf liquor includes Patron, Johnny Walker Green Label, Grey Goose, Jagermeister, and more! Or choose from all your favorite cocktails—Mojitos, Pina Coladas, Mai Tais, and even Margaritas!

We’ve also got local and international beers as well as an extensive wine list featuring favorites from Chile and Argentina.

We hold happy hour specials every Tuesday from 8-10 pm and sweeten the deal with drink promotions every single night!

Free wireless internet available!

No matter what you want out of a night or day in Chiang Mai, Zoe in Yellow has it waiting.  Don’t miss us on your way through town!

Check out our drink menu below – just click on the menu to zoom in and click to flip the pages:

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